Tempting Levi Book Review

It's been a bit since I've been on here and posted anything, so I figured, why not share with you guys what I've been reading while I've also been working on my books. Below you will see my review for a book called Tempting Levi, the first of a few I plan to share with you guys today. 



As I read the description of this book, I knew I absolutely had to read it. The sooner the better, so when I received my Hidden Gem ARC copy I just could not put it down.

The story starts with Levi, a ex-firefighter who was left to run Club Tahoe, a resort his father has left to him and his brothers. After a few days of running the place he finds out that his ex-girlfriends younger sister, Emily was hired to help him and his brothers through the transition.

For anyone who has siblings, you know that golden rule, never date your siblings ex, but the pull between Levi and Emily was too strong for either to resist.

In this book you'll find some angst, some heartfelt moments, some family drama, and a happy ending. I highly recommend you check this book out.