Coming Soon....

For those of you who have been following along with me since the beginning of this website, my twitter page or my Facebook page you would know that I have talked about having my first book "Make A Wish" out by fall last year; something that clearly didn't happen. As much as I wanted to get my book released I was not able to due to editing issues. Which brought me to pushing the release back to March of this year.

As I was gearing up to release "Make A Wish" in March I had a few people beta read it at the same time that I sat down and re-read it. Sad thing was as that happened I found some inconsistencies in my plot that stemmed from changing a few scenes and not editing the parts that came after.

So now that we're in June I am getting ready to send out the newly edited version of "Make A Wish" to some beta readers, I am hoping I will get enough positive feedback to feel comfortable enough to release it in the fall. So for those of you who have stuck around, read my updates on here, Facebook and/or twitter. Thank you.

I hope when I release "Make A Wish" you guys love it as much as I do. Please keep checking my of my platforms for updates. You should be seeing a book from be very, very soon.