Riding Wood Review

I know I said a few months back I was going to start posting reviews, but I have been sooooo busy these last few months. So now that I have the time, I am going to start posting reviews. Hopefully I will get at least one up a week.

My first review will be on "Riding Wood" by Abigail Graham and Vanessa Waltz.


**I received an ARC Copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.**

Riding Wood is a short sweet read about 23 year old Alexa who wonders upon Lucas chopping firewood while exploring the woods.

For people who are expecting a lot of sex throughout the, sorry but it doesn't happen. Instead rather than sleeping with the guy and falling head over heels for him. She falls head over heels with him and waits until he finally sees she's ready to marry him and have a family (which is the only kind of relationship he's looking for). 

I know most people who read romance stories expect the main characters to have sex multiple times throughout the book, but it was nice to see them wait and not jump in bed together at the first chance.

All-in-all Riding Wood in a very sweet love story and if you like happy endings, I highly recommend this book.